Alienware 17.3-Inch QHD Tobi Eye-Tracker Gaming Notebook Review

Alienware 17.3-Inch QHD Tobi Eye-Tracker Gaming NotebookAlienware 17.3-Inch QHD Tobi Eye-Tracker Gaming Notebook, realistic video gaming functions: Armed with brand-new knowledge about your presence, eye movement and also matching head motion, Tobii eye-tracking boosted video games, consisting of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Watchdogs II as well as Deus Ex: Humanity Divided, allow you to input commands that are extra in-tune to reality. Target at where you look, signify colleagues with a glance as well as navigate a cockpit freely. As well as, an innovative HD resolution cam with an IR sensing unit and also facial acknowledgment modern technology enables you to log in with simply an appearance. NVIDIA G-Sync provides the best a fastest experience ever before thanks to its ability to synchronize screen freshen rates to the GPU in your GeForce GTX-powered PC, eliminating display tearing and minimizing both present stutter and also input lag. With an upgraded Alienware TactX keyboard, n-key rollover is currently sustained, allowing over 108-key commands for maximum activities per min. It’s the only key-board on a laptop with 2.2 mm of crucial traveling allowing for fast reaction for any kind of keystroke. Create a much more tailored search for your machine with brand-new and also enhanced AlienFX. Made with enhanced RGB-LED made it possible for AlienFX lights as well as currently supported on over 130 video games, with the choice to create and download one-of-a-kind styles.

Box Has
1 x Power cable
A/C adapter
shipping material
Alienware 15 R3

Greater efficiency throughout
Developed with premium materials as well as much as 7th Gen Intel Core i7 as well as i7k-Series processors, the Alienware 17.3-Inch QHD Tobi Eye-Tracker Gaming Notebook is the supreme evolution in high-performance pc gaming modern technology. Utilising magnesium alloy for strength, copper for better efficiency, anodised aluminum for added security and steel for tactile comfort, it showcases a top notch style for high-performance video gaming

Nothing in between you and also gaming.
Observe the distinction an extensive 17-inch LCD display can make with sustained FHD, QHD 120Hz as well as UHD resolution choices– all with anti-glare coating.

The 17″ QHD 120Hz display screen is made to supply the best gaming experience with a 4-milisecond action time, vast watching angles and also 400 nits of illumination. The UHD panel provides a 100% colour range for an incredible, saturated series of reds, environment-friendlies and also blues (compared to the 72% offered by QHD and FHD).

Made For VR
Dive into psychedelic online truth experiences with a VR-ready system that passes the Oculus Ready as well as Vive Optimised qualifications.

Alienware 17.3-Inch QHD Tobi Eye-Tracker Gaming Notebook , powered by NVIDIA VRWorks innovation, a new level of existence is attained by bringing physically reasonable visuals, noise, touch interactions, and simulated environments to digital reality. As Well As with NVIDIA GeForce 10-series graphics, the Alienware 17 exceeds exactly what’s expected.

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  • Tobii Eye-tracking configurations support exclusive features ranging from intelligent system presence detection, power and security management, game coaching and exclusive capabilities leveraging your gaze with, downloadable, Overwolf software.
  • Over 80 quadrillion lighting combinations via 13 unique programmable lighting zones with up to 20 distinct colours.
  • Includes 1 ThunderboltTM 3 Port (USB Type-CTM with support for SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps, 40Gbps Thunderbolt, and DisplayPort).
  • Introduces premium materials such as anodized aluminium, magnesium alloy, steel-reinforcements, and copper thermal management to ensure a level of stiffness, rigidity, thinness, and high-quality feel all without sacrificing gaming performance.
  • The 17″ QHD 120Hz display is designed to deliver the smoothest gaming experience.

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